Welcome to the web site of the Islander graphical editor.

The Islander editor is a graphical tool developed at the IIIA,into the E-Institutor project. The main goal of the editor is to provide a graphical development environment in order to build the formal specification of an electronic institution.

ISLANDER is a tool for the specification and verification of electronic institutions. ISLANDER editor tries to make as easy as possible the work of the institution designer combining textual and graphical elements for the specification of an institution. Moreover, the tool is able to verify the specifications.

The ISLANDER editor has been developed in JAVA, version j2sdk1.4. It can run in any machine that has installed this version of JAVA or jdk 1.3.

We have run the application in Linux, solaris and windows operating system. The graphic user interface consumes a lot of resources. We recommend to run it, in the case of a PC, on at least a PentiumII with 64 megabytes of RAM.
This page is under construction. Now, we are working in the documentation of the editor. This documentation will include a complete tutorial of the Islander.

You can download the latest version of the Islander editor( download). It has been developed with J2sDK1.4 ( download).


Download some complete examples built with ISLANDER: (EXAMPLES)